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After losing a loved one in January of 2020, CEO of Traphousehair, Chance Truss, felt alone. She spent most of her days by herself and soon she fell into a state of depression. 

Nothing could replace the pain or feelings she’d felt, so she turned to the only thing that makes everything better, money.

“Only thing I wanted to do was make faster money,” said Truss. “So I started doing hair more, and taking it seriously like he [her loved one, Chase] always said I should do.”

Chance has been doing hair since her sophomore year in high school but never took it seriously until April of 2020. 

Having a beauty shop in her basement, Truss put her talent to use and created Traphousehair in Kansas City, MO.

Chase, inspired the name Traphousehair. 

“We used to make up names for a lot of stuff or things we wanted in the future,” said Truss. “Then boom that name came about and stuck ever since. I never forgot about the conversation that sparked the name, but I had never put it to use.“

Truss wanted to be around others while doing what made her happy. She started off needing a quick side hustle and is now doing hair full-time, focusing on locs and retwist. 

Beyond doing hair, she makes natural oils and retwists products while still learning to add new services for her clients, such as two-strand twists. 

Truss is an everyday reminder that your story doesn’t determine your outcome. She plans to work hard and eventually become her own boss. 

“I want to maybe expand and get a shop or get out in that business world and become my own boss,” said Truss. 

“We gone build from there.” 

Contact Traphousehair via Instagram: @Traphousehair_ to book.


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