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Top 10 Artist That Helped Me Through College

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

1. Jhené Aiko

Between Sailing Souls and Souled Out, it's hard to decide which album I relied on more. Whenever I felt sad or lonely, I turned on Jhene and instantly began to feel heard. The mixture of the beat and the vocals provided me with a soothing feel that healed my soul each time. Jhene single-handedly put me through four years of college with her moving music.

2. Solange

I'm not a big Solange listener, but there is one song that I can 100 percent relate to. "Cranes In The Sky," by Solange has always made me feel carefree. Whenever I was stressed from freshman to senior year, I would play this song as I found each lyric relatable. I too tried to drink it away, I too tried to put one in the air, I too tried to let go my lover thought if I was alone then maybe I could recover. This song allows me to feel every emotion while knowing I wasn't alone.

3. Tink

An underrated queen. Tink has gotten me through every emotional roller coaster since high school. From breakups to just feeling alone, I know I can always count on Tink to slow it down, vibe me out, and remind me that I'm not the only girl going through these emotions. I went to school, expecting a love and basketball relationship, but instead, I spent my days getting played and playing along.

4. City Girls

"WHERE THE BAG AT," whew. Just those words, let me know I'm that b*tch. The City Girls peeked when I met my first scammer in college. I thought I was in love because I felt everything the city girls were saying. Eventually, I realized scammer money isn't good money and left that situation alone. Anywho, the city girls hype me up every time and let me know I'm that b*tch who won't settle for anybody providing less than. I used to give the benefit of the doubt a lot until I heard the city girls. They taught me if a man wants to, he will, all while remaining true to themselves—big shout out to Caresha and Jatavia for changing the game.

5. Brent Faiyaz

His music has such a vibe. From the slow beats to the tone of voice, every word he says makes me melt. It wasn't until I met my friend Blue that I relied on Brent to get me through my day; when Blue showed me Brent's visuals to his songs, I automatically fell in love as I felt every word even more. Many artists lack a sense of creativity, whereas Brent is consistent with his aesthetic and sound.

6. Beyoncé

It wasn't until Beyoncé released her Homecoming documentary on Netflix that I relied on Beyoncé as an artist to get me through college. While I am a Beyoncé fan, I don't play her music day in and day out. However, watching the documentary created a new found love for Beyoncé as she gave multiple shoutouts to HBCU's and even featured HBCU dancers, band members, and Greeks in her documentary. As an HBCU student, I cried watching the documentary knowing that could've very well been me on stage with Beyoncé.

7. The Weeknd

"What You Need" by The Weeknd always has and will always be my go-to song by The Weeknd. This song makes me feel noticed as I slow dance to the lyrics. Whenever I wanted to feel myself on a humble level, I played this song and screamed out the words, replacing he with she. "She's what you want, I'm what you need." This song made me feel seen by whoever I was singing it to at the time.

8. Megan Thee stallion

Megan Thee Stallion was a newcomer while I was in college. What she refers to as "baby meg" was some of my favorite Megan Thee Stallion songs while in college. Cognac Queen, Poppin, and Russian Cream are a few songs I know my friends, and I all know word for word. The number of times I've played each of these songs on my computer, speaker, phone, and car is ridiculous. Baby Meg was raw and real, which is why I valued each song so much.


I feel like any college student could relate to this. From classics like, "Cut Her Off" to Tik Tok crazes like "Renegade," K CAMP has been ahead of his time for ages. Sadly, I wasn't up to date about K CAMP until college when my friend Kiva played a few songs. Instantly I fell in love with his music as his voice is soothing, and the lyrics give an old school R&B feel.

10. Ari Lennox

Last but not least is the talented Ari Lennox. It wasn't until senior year that I relied on Ari's motivational music and humorous endings. My friend Walter (yes, my friends put me on all my music) played the song "Up Late," every day, multiple times a day, and I've been in love with her persona since. The song "New Apartment" is when I found my passion for Ari as every word in the song is 100 percent relatable. I don't have an apartment yet, but I know when I do, I will "walk around that b*tch naked, and nobody can tell me sh *t."

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