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The Sweetest Love.

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

It’s easy to love someone else when you don’t know yourself; but, when you learn yourself, you love yourself unconditionally.

Learning to love yourself unconditionally means loving your flaws, insecurities, good days, and bad days. Loving your face when you first wake up or loving your body fresh out the shower.

Loving yourself entirely can be perplexed, and it takes time to do so.

You can’t rush self-love.

You can’t force self-love.

You can’t buy self-love.

Self-love is something engraved deep in your soul that you may or may not have pushed back to ignore.

If you have, then loving yourself is a daily challenge. If you haven’t, you wake up every day aiming to be the best person you can be, as you know, what’s best for you.

For the longest, I was someone with no self-love. It took me being heartbroken to take a more in-depth look at myself and imagine my future. That’s when I realized you can’t let someone who doesn’t see your worth hurt or hinder you.

Since coming to that realization in February of 2017, I’ve been a beast.

I haven’t dated since, and I haven’t looked into it either. Finding love within myself allowed me to know what I will and will not stand for in a relationship. Loving myslef showed me how to live and what makes ME happy.

Many women feel pressured to make their significant other happy while they’re living in hell. As women, we are raised with these gender roles that are designed to make the man happy, make his day easier, do what he says, well what about our happiness? What about giving us an easier day? Beyond doing what we say, can you listen?

Women will forever get the short stick of love unless they find a man who’s more in love with them than they are with him; that is the only way a relationship will last.

While finding true love is a great accomplishment, achieving self-love is better because you’ll never wake up with new feelings about yourself.

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