• Monique Bonds

Passion vs. Purpose

Being a millennial in today's society can be a lot of pressure; living with social media relevance creates comparison, which is also known as the thief of joy.

Between social media, relationships, friendships, work, and more, it seems as if us 20 something year-olds always feel like we could be doing more.

The pressure you're feeling is normal! I can assure you that not one person walking knows what they're doing in life, that's unheard of!

While you aren't alone, you are one of many millennials stuck on the path of determining "what's next?"

Many create short-term and long-term goals for their future where they manifest what they expect their life to be in the near future. Both short-term and long-term goals are pretty self-explanatory; short-term goals occur when one sets goals for themselves to accomplish in five years or less. Long-term goals are goals you plan to achieve in five or more years. Creating these short and long term goals allows you to have insight into your life, what you plan to do, how you plan to get there, etc.

Some create vision boards where they find pictures, colors, quotes, letters, and anything else that can help describe not only their future goals and dreams but their personality too. Vision boards are a great way to express your creativity, all while manifesting your goals at once.

Others go with the flow, living life as they please while trusting their higher powers' timing. While this may sound like the craziest of all, those who believe everything happens for a reason use faith to trust in their higher power.

Like many others, I use this method as a coping habit when I feel as if I'm not doing enough in my mid 20's. I create vision boards, short and long-term goals, new year's resolutions, and more, but somehow going with the flow and trusting in the higher power provides me more faith than any manifestation ever has.

Going with the flow of life has shown me that there can be more than one unique path in life for you to follow. By creating short and long term goals, you may be canceling out any other route as you use tunnel vision to focus on the only goal you see.

This is not a knock to anybody focusing on the one goal they are determined to achieve but instead a look into your heart to find out if this is your passion or purpose.

Following your passion will take you where you plan, but will it make you happy? Can your passion give you that feeling inside that no one can take from you? Will you work diligently every day knowing that you've reached the heights you've created or knowing that you've achieved something you didn't even know was possible?

That's what it feels like finding your purpose. You feel that fire in your heart as you now know what you crave in life.

For forever, I thought my passion was being on television. Now, after finding my purpose of helping young girls who look like me and being the voice of the unheard, I feel as if TV is a minuscule goal to whatever else I could accomplish.

Take a minute to look at yourself inside and out as you search to find your passion and your purpose.

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