• Monique Bonds

New Year, New Me?

With 2020 going the way it has, becoming weary of 2021 is only natural. COVID-19, shutdowns, lockdowns, stimulus checks, highest levels of unemployment, and a travel ban?

I mean, seriously, who knows what's next?

That's why preparing yourself mentally and physically for the New Year matters. From New Years Resolutions to everyday goals you'd like to achieve, manifesting a plan will help you stay ahead even through the midst of nonsense.

How to Plan for 2021:

Create a Vision Board.

A vision board allows you to visualize each goal you plan for the New Year. Having that visual to remind you will also push you to do more. A vision board allows you to exercise your imagination by creating a vivid vision of your life.

Write Short Term and Long Term Goals For the Year.

By distinguishing your goals you can divide and conquer based on what's most important to you. Short term goals are something you plan to do soon, while long term goals might take some time. Give yourself a time limit on both your short and long term goals.

Create a Routine.

Creating a routine gives you something to look forward to. This routine allows you time to reflect, think, rest, and live in the moment. This routine can range from daily exercise to daily meditation—no one's in charge of your routine but you.

Change Your Mindset.

Change starts with you. By changing your mindset, you're taking small but necessary steps to become a better person. Work on controlling your emotions, prioritizing your time, and putting yourself first.

Participate in daily affirmations:

Daily affirmations allow peace of mind. Just you and your thoughts manifesting what you believe you deserve. You can start with simple affirmations like "I am loved and cared for" and work your way up to creating your personalized affirmations.

Practice self-care

I mean, seriously, after the year we've had, do I need to go on? Self-care is one of the only things that's brought faith to people during this pandemic. Self-care is more than simply taking a day off; self-care can be going for a walk, writing a poem, or buying yourself flowers. Self-care is labeled as anything that makes YOU happy!

If this isn't enough, here's a few prompts to help kick off the new year:

One book I'll read:

One new place I'll travel to:

One person I'll call more:

One new food I'll try:

One new hobby I'll try:

One thing I'll save for:

One skill I'll learn:

One thing I'll no longer accept:

One expense I'm cutting out:

One thing I'm going to create:

One person I'll spend more time with:

One fitness goal I'll achieve:

One way I'll make more money:

One healthy food I'll start eating:

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