• Monique Bonds

Is It Real?

Love and hate, both feelings you can't escape.

You find somebody; you fall in love, y'all fall out, y'all break up.

However, it goes, it usually ends, and now your left to start all over again.

This makes you think, is love real?

Is it a made up feeling that your mind or heart feels?

While marriage is the goal, it's like no one knows if the love is real or how they should feel-

It makes you wonder-

Do we know love?

Does love know me?

Does love come & go, or does it last an eternity?

Love is real.

Love is kind.

Love is passionate.


Love is blind.

Love is a thing that both your mind and heart feels.

Love cannot be forced.

Love cannot be bought.

Love cannot be won.

Love cannot be taught.

Love is a drug-

Like Weed, Molly, or Coke.

You search long and hard because you fear being low.

True love is a concept that you'll never know.

Until you learn to love yourself,

From head to toe.

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