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Is COVID-19 Still a Threat?

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

After March, the year 2020 became similar to a run-on sentence. The days seemed longer, months collided, and the bad news never ended.

Living through a pandemic, dealing with reoccurring police brutality, and losing some of the most prominent figures in the entertainment industry, 2020, has our people tired.

Tired of being home, tired of wearing masks, tired of social distancing, tired of virtual schooling- just tired.

However, with it being month seven and COVID- 19 still being on the rise, I can't help but wonder how tired could we truly be?

With the government shutdown in March of 2020 lasting a little over a month, the US economy lost $11 billion and decided to reopen for one thing- money.

In April, there were 654,301 confirmed cases and 32,186 deaths in the US due to coronavirus. Yet, President Trump suggested some states should reopen.

Slowly but surely, all states reopened, and businesses big or small were back in action. From sending students home mid-semester to unemployment rising 8 percent, it's safe to say reopening the economy was not for the people's well-being.

Entering March, no one predicted COVID-19 to be as serious, but we did predict less traffic, cheap flights, work from home positions, and happy hour every day.

These were the positives of COVID until America decided to reopen.

"America wants to be open and Americans want to be open," Trump said. "A national shutdown is not a sustainable long-term solution."

Trump was right!

Since the reopening of the economy, attendance at outdoor events has been through the roof. From traveling to clubbing, Americans are finding any excuse to go outside.

When opening the US Economy, President Trump stated that it would be done "one careful step at a time." Citizens who are in good health could return to work, and it was a government-mandated policy to wear a mask and social distance.

However, according to the CDC, "COVID-19 is thought to spread mainly from person to person or through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or talks. These droplets can land in the mouths or noses of people who are nearby or possibly be inhaled into the lungs."

Since the reopening, businesses have revamped adding social distancing flyers, stickers six feet apart instructing guests where to stand, and requiring all guests to wear a mask upon entrance.

By allowing guests to wear a mask upon entrance and simply taking it off once inside, the government allows the potential spread of COVID-19 daily.

Next time you go outside, ask yourself, "is COVID-19 still a thing?" Count how many masks you see or how many people you see social distancing. Have you traveled lately? Are you putting someone else at risk?

These are all valid questions we didn't have to think twice about during the government shutdown; now, seven months in, and we aren't thinking of them at all.

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