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Finesse Moves Ent.

Since the beginning of quarantine, many people have picked up new hobbies to keep them busy.

Some cook, some bake, some work out, and well others they dance!

"I've always wanted to dance, but my mama couldn't afford it," said Asia Currie-Clay. "I was the youngest of 7, and where I lived, they didn't have extracurricular activities for us in elementary or middle school. Finally, when I was in high school [at age 16], I was able to get a job to pay for classes to join a team!"

Meet Asia Currie-Clay and Iman Lane, co-founders of Finesse Moves Ent. 

Founded in 2018, Finesse Moves Ent. was established to provide a safe and empowering network for black dancers and black instructors.

"Finesse Moves Ent. is an ensemble of dancers who provide not only classes and workshops, but resources and opportunities to our community," said Currie-Clay.

With nationwide changes due to COVID-19 Finesse Moves Ent. is now providing free classes, so you're able to take necessary precautions while still dancing from home.

"Currently, during COVID, we are providing free classes and challenges," said Currie-Clay. "We have #TalkYoTalk a live discussion on various topics; Also, in support of the Black Lives Matter Movement, we have a plethora of resources on how you can support on our website."

With Finesse Moves Ent. being based in Oklahoma and Texas, Asia and Iman both plan to branch out and become dance instructors across the map.

"We would like to see Finesse Moves Ent. expand over various states to provide a place not only for dancers to feel empowered but to teach them how to give back to their community in a positive way," said Currie-Clay.

To learn more about Finesse Moves Ent. visit below:

Instagram: FinesseMovesEnt 

Twitter: FinesseMovesEnt

FB: Finesse Moves 

Website: https://finessemovesent.wixsite.com/fment

Email: finessedancemovesent@gmail.com



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