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Exquisitely Lashed Boutique

Two sisters, Keyanna Tolon and Diona Marks, launched Exquisitely Lashed Boutique with one goal, "keeping your standards high, and your lashes long."

Launched on May 22, 2020, Exquisitely Lashed Boutique was inspired by, Keyanna’s makeup business and Diona’s love for beauty.

“It all started with me becoming a makeup artist finding another way to earn an extra income,” said Tolson. “We both [Keyanna Tolson and Diona Marks] have always been big on fashion and beauty.”

Born in Kansas City, both Tolon and Marks noticed the lack of positivity in their community at an early age. “We were born and raised in Kansas City,” said Tolon "and it’s not a lot of positivity in KC.”

Yet, like the fearless women they are, they took this negative and turned it into a positive.

Tolon explains her platform, which helped encourage her to start Exquisitely Lashed Boutique, “My personal platform is helping young ladies become comfortable and confident in their own skin.” Tolon believes a pair of mink lashes can help!

“With Exquisitely Lashed Boutique, we strive to help other individuals become confident in their own skin, all while providing our consumers with top of the line mink lashes!”

Tolon and Marks hope to grow their business and begin selling other items such as lash glue and possibly a sandal line to their customers.

“What sets us apart is that we’re not in it for the money but more so in it to meet the needs of our customers,” said Tolon. Exquisitely Lashed Boutique aims to ensure each of their customers feels like “the baddest thing walking.”

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