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"What's Next?"

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

As a new graduate, the number one question I’ve been getting is, “What’s next?” While I understand my peers and family expect greatness from me, the pressure that question holds is one that many don’t realize. Being a new graduate with no clue of what’s next can be depressing, to say the least. I mean, I have an internship right now, and it doesn’t take Raven to see that it’s not promising for my future. It’s a marketing internship where I work as a social media manager for a nonprofit organization in Kansas City who honestly needs interns more than I need an internship. (If you’re picking up what I’m putting down) With that being said, I would love to join the team officially, but the amount of unprofessionalism would become more of a distraction for me than a job. Doing well in school, I just knew I had a promising future in journalism. As the top student of my department, I envisioned my life with journalism to start in Washington DC or somewhere far out where I’d be perfecting my craft while learning new skills. But, that didn’t happen. Looking back, I realized I focused more on school activities than what I’ll be doing post-graduation. If you leave here wondering what’s the point of this blog, this is it: To all my college juniors and seniors, please start EARLY! Don’t wait. Never wait. You must always know your next step. Tweak your resume, make those cover letters, network, send those e-mails to people in your field, don’t be shy! It took me almost two years to receive an internship opportunity, so imagine how long it’ll take for me to find a job. Since COVID-19, I’ve told myself, as much time as you spend on social media during quarantine is the same amount of time you should be applying to jobs. With that logic, I’ve applied to numerous positions in the past month. I apply to more than three jobs daily and still haven’t heard anything from anyone. While that can be disappointing, I’m still anxious to start in the field that I love. I’m so anxious that I’ve even been to apply to places all over America! Chicago, Texas, Florida, Wisconsin, anywhere that’s hiring, I apply because I know if it’s meant to be, I’ll be able to make it work. While I’m eager to start in the journalism field, it’s hard. Life’s hard. I haven’t even hit post-grad, and I’m already stressed about the next step, which shows just how eager I am to live out my dreams. For family, friends or even teachers reading this, please stop asking college seniors what’s next, we already have the weight of the world on our shoulders, and the extra stress that question brings is honestly unnecessary. To my college seniors who know their next step, I’m genuinely proud. To be fresh out of college with plans to take over the world is something many can’t say they’ve done, me being one. To my college seniors who have no idea what’s next, you’re not alone. Sometimes a break is needed! You’ve worked so hard, and you’ve completed one of the most significant milestones in your life. Don’t let the sorrow of what’s next take the thrill from what you’ve done. From one undecided senior to the next, I’m proud! Luv, Mo

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