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Broke & Blessed- The Unemployed’s Guide to Success

If you follow me on Twitter, you may know the bomb I'm about to drop; if not - here we go.

On December 28, 2020 I took a leap of faith and quit my social media managing/ content creating position with a small media company located in Kansas City, Mo. Working with this team from June 2020 to December 2020 I was granted many opportunities to learn and grow as a social media marketer.

Now, to give a little background information, I graduated with a Bachelor's of Arts & Science and an Associate's in General Studies from Langston University in May of 2020, mid pandemic. I was forced to move back home with my parents as my illustrious HBCU passed eviction notices out like candy. I felt hopeless. I never wanted to go home after graduation because I knew the chances for what I dreamed of doing in Kansas City were slim. Long story short, moving back home granted me one of the best opportunities in my life- social media marketing!

Entering the marketing world with a broadcast journalism degree was tough. I looked at YouTube, Hubspot, mentors, and even Pinterest for help. I spent hours teaching myself the ropes of social media marketing as I was eager to enter and dominate the field. Eventually, someone took a chance and added me to their team. I was thrilled to have an entry-level opportunity for something I wanted so bad.

Here's where things get juicy.

I accepted the position, and as time goes by things seem great. I had a consistent work flow, prestigious new clients, weekly business meetings, and networking; I mean, seriously, what more could I want? But that's when it hit. None of these factors matter if you aren't constantly learning and growing as a skilled worker. Battling with imposter syndrome and the constant feeling that nothing I do is good enough, I knew once I began to feel stagnant that my time had run dry.

With no backup plan, no steady flow of income, and absolutely no idea what I'd be doing next, I decided to enter 2021 unemployed and focused on myself. I took the time to sit with myself and determine what it is I want to do in life.

Where can I see myself in 5 years?

Where can I see myself by August?

What can I do to stand out?

What companies would I like to work for?

What skills would I like to sharpen?

What do I need to learn?

What is my niche?

These are all questions that helped guide me in becoming a better me. I figured out what I enjoy doing; creating websites and content is fun! Having full creativity of things is one thing I never knew I wanted. Since quitting my job, I've made a new portfolio, received two marketing certifications - one from Hubspot and one from google, began working with a new client, and became consistent with my blog.

These may sound like minor achievements to you, but these little achievements are necessary when creating a big brand. Naturally, I wouldn't have achieved these stepping stones to greatness until I decided to put myself first.

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