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2020 Presidential Elections

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

As the 2020 US Presidential election inches closer and closer, tensions rise between current president Donald J. Trump and democratic candidate Joe Biden. Not only between the two running candidates, but their supporting bases as well.

In what has been one of the most unprecedented and unpredictable years in all of US history, given the coronavirus pandemic and fight for social justice, this year’s election has so much hinging on it and serious repercussions for whoever comes out of November on top. 

The first presidential debate between Trump and Biden on September 29, 2020 was probably the largest implication that this country’s future is solely in the balance of one of these men, and it can go either way. 

Gearing up for political warfare, democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has raised a record $383 million dollars for his campaign, which actually edges out billionaire Donald Trump financially, according to the New York Times:

“Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s campaign announced raising $383 million in September, combined with the Democratic National Committee and their shared committees, and entered October with $432 million cash in the bank, his campaign announced on Wednesday,” via The New York Times.

As voting continues to increase and the second presidential debate being cancelled, all the American people can do is wait. However, with campaigns beginning to reach the finish line, where exactly do Trump and Biden stand? 

For Mr. Biden, his main goal as of now is using the money he has been able to raise to air as many campaign ads as possible in key battleground states. 

“Mr. Biden has used those additional funds to spend more on television than Mr. Trump in the key battleground states and to stretch the map, with some ads now even airing in Texas.”

Majority of Biden’s campaign has focused on outing President Trump to be an insufficient, incompetent and practically abysmal leader. 

“Donald Trump can lie about the economy all he wants, but the truth is he’s the worst jobs president since 1929,” Joe Biden via his official Twitter account.

So far, Biden’s strategy has been working. 

According to Kevin Breuninger of CNBC, Joe Biden holds a large lead over President Trump nationally, however, the swing states appear to show a much closer battle. 

“Joe Biden is holding on to his sizable lead over President Donald Trump in the national polls, but there are reasons for the Democratic nominee to worry about the handful of key states that could ultimately decide the election,” Breuninger said. 

And while Biden is gaining a sustainable lead over Trump nationally, he is also barely edging Trump in key states that would grant Biden victories in the electoral college.

“Yet Biden holds a narrower advantage in states that will likely decide an Electoral College victory,” Breuninger said. 

With Biden raising record money for his campaign, airing more advertisements in battleground states and winning over the country nationally, where does that leave President Trump? 

Trump has been under the national and perhaps global spotlight as of recently, due to his contraction of the coronavirus, a disease he has adamantly downplayed since it took over the US. 

While President Trump has seemingly recovered from the virus relatively quickly, it just might have been the straw that broke the camel's back. 

Since testing positive for the coronavirus, the Trump campaign has been slowly deteriorating, losing fundraisers and also a lot of supporters. Perhaps this explains why Biden is leading the country nationally in terms of voting. 

According to Natasha Korecki of Politico, Trump has become desperate in hopes of staying in the oval office.

“The farther behind Donald Trump has fallen in the competition for campaign dollars, the more he’s milked government resources to make up the difference,” Korecki said. 

Donald Trump has ignored the traditional boundaries of politics and government to apparently save himself, and has shown he would do anything possible to win a second term, no matter the costs. 

That doesn't necessarily sound like a good thing however, as Korecki states.

“His heavy reliance on federal resources and his own executive powers to win reelection come as Trump has fallen more than $100 million behind Joe Biden in TV ad spending, and slipped to a double-digit deficit in national polls,” she said. 

It is clear that this year's presidential election will be unlike any other in recent history, and we are merely three weeks away from finding out the result.

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